Hitty is a small wooden doll, about 6-1/2", who presently lives in the Stockbridge Library, Stockbridge, Massachusetts. She is believed to have been about 100 years old when she was found in an antique shop by Rachel Field and Dorothy Lathrop in about 1929. Rachel and Dorothy wrote and illustrated (respectively) such a charming story of the way they imagined Hitty's life, that not only did the book, Hitty ~ Her First Hundred Years, win the Newbery Medal for children's literature (1929), but Hitty became beloved by all from that time to this.

Here is a picture of my Hitty Annabelle in her new home, a room box, that has just been completed. The furniture and some of the other items have been borrowed from my Bleuettes and they are not very happy about it.

Hitty Annabelle has a new trunk and she is so excited until she peers in and it's empty! I guess I had better get busy and make her some things to fill it up.