Bleuette Friends and Family

Say "Bru" to most antique doll collectors, and they will fall immediately into a reverie, either dreaming of their lovely Bru Bebe in their collection, or dreaming of the Bru Bebe doll they hope to own some day. Besides the classic and highly desirable Bru Bebes from 1879-1889, Bru also made fashion dolls starting in 1866 and later, less popular Bebes and a variety of novelty Bebes. She was never actually made as a Bleuette.


A sweet antique reproduction porcelain Bru Jne 9 as Bleuette friend doll made by Damaris Alves. This particular mold has the classic Bru look, with a wider and more youthful looking face like a young toddler.
She has blue-violet paperweight glass eyes and wears a pale honey blonde English mohair wig. The wig reminds me of Shirley Temple with thick short barrel curls. She looks so young and just adorable. Her ears are pierced and she wears genuine freshwater pearl earrings.

Smiling Jumeau


Sylvie is a beautiful reproduction cabinet size rare smiling Jumeau 203 doll made by Beth Golding.  This extremely rare and fantastic example of a true French character doll was made from a discontinued Seeleys mold. 
Her eyes are brown paperweight glass with a high profile bulging pupil. This rare French doll has the brightest sweetest expression on her face, with full sculpted cheeks and full smiling mouth with full row of indicated upper teeth.


Teddy is also a smiling Jumeau reproduction made by Candy Anderson. Teddy, a handsome lad, is the only boy at Manoir de Bleuette and is very spoiled.


Bebe Charmant

By the end the 1870's many French dollmakers were selling child dolls which have been known as bebes ever since, to distinguish them from German child dolls.  The "Bebe Charmant" dates from 1892-1895, made by "Societe Pintel et Godchaux" in their Montreuil factory outside Paris.  She was exhibited at the 1893 Chicago Exposition.
In 1899, Pintel & Godchaux joined the SFBJ as shareholders.
 Bebe Charmant meaning "Charming Baby"while being a well known French Doll was never produced as a Bleuette. She is charming, however, and makes a wonderful Bleuette friend.


Valentine is a Bebe Charmant, by Leslie Perkumas who came to life on Valentines Day 2009. Her wide eyed innocence makes her very endearing.


Googly dolls are dolls with large, oversized, side-glancing eyes. Googly dolls also often have a small watermelon-shaped smile. The dolls have an impish look and appeal. The very first Googly dolls (also referred to as Googlies) were produced from about 1912 onward, and were mostly made by German doll companies.


Katrina is a reproduction Googly by Damaris Alves.

Kestner 174

Carrie Grace is a wonderful Kestner mold 174-petite 12" circa 1895-1910. She has blue sleeping eyes, no cracks, chips, repairs to the head. Her lovely ball jointed body is original and in very good, solid condition.

71 Unis France 301 149 
This lovely 301 is not a Rosette. She is incised with a 4 instead of a 3 but she is of similar size and a very lovely doll.

Armand Marseille 351

This cute little guy is an AM 351 but he is not a Bambino. His head is slightly bigger but works ok with the Bambino sized body. 

Armand Marseille 341
These little baby girls, sometimes called "Dream Babies" are 8" long. One has brown fixed eyes and the other has blue sleep eyes.


 Jumeau antique dolls are coveted the world over. Jumeau bebes (child dolls) are known for their expressive eyes and beautiful bisque so it's no wonder the Jumeau mold was chosen for the first Bleuette. I recently acquired this lovely 1907 Jumeau. She looks so very much like my antique Bleuette, Marielle, I could not resist buying her to be Marielle's older sister. Her name is Marianne. 
She is shown above wearing the vintage outfit she arrived in and right with Marielle, both wearing blue and white.